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AGEM Member Profile: Betson

AGEM Member Profile: Betson

Founded in 1934, Betson is a leader in providing profitable solutions to the VLT market, offering stylish and high-efficiency touch-screen monitors for unattended transactions. Betson also offers a comprehensive product line for the location-based entertainment industry including amusement games, vending equipment, parts and billiards.

Through a nationwide network of 14 offices, Betson Enterprises presents client-specific consultative solutions for the design, installation, service and exporting of equipment. The company offers competitive interest rates for leasing and financing, as well as deferred payments through its private in-house lending company. Betson Enterprises is a division of H. Betti Industries, Inc. and is headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

Over the course of an 80-plus-year history, Betson has learned they are only as successful as their customers. Because of that, everything Betson is designed to help its valued customers run and grow a profitable business.

Betson doesn’t just sell equipment. It offers design, layout and installation services to ensure optimal profitability and low-risk financing through its private lending division. Betson trains its customers on how to maintain equipment so it remains operational. The company keeps parts in stock, so customers can get parts when they need them. Betson works with customers from concept to completion to the everyday operations of their business. Betson isn’t just interested in closing deals; they are interested in starting long-term relationships.

Betson believes they are only as successful as their customers. Betson is much more than distributor—a one-stop-shop to meet all the needs of its customers, from product to parts to service to financing.

For more information, visit For information on the company’s full line of parts and Goldfinger monitors, visit

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