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Synergy Blue

AGEM Member Profile:

Synergy Blue provides the casino industry with a new generation of entertainment, through games that are certified and backed by industry-leading patents. The company’s HAWG (Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming) platform blends GLI 11-compliant, skill-based, Class II (coming soon) and Class III gambling with the uninterrupted entertainment of arcade-style play. With a growing library of games showcasing multiple styles, the company continues to deliver fun you can bet on through innovative and entertaining content for everyone.

This year, Synergy Blue will have over 19 skill-based, arcade-style gambling games in its library, showcasing multiple styles including multi-player, touch-screen, joystick, trackball, arcade gun and driving-style play. Several titles are also available on a bar-top multi-game version. From gambling arcade-gun play to driving games and skill-based twists on classics like mahjong and poker, Synergy Blue’s game library continues to deliver innovative, entertaining fun for everyone.

The casino gaming industry is continuing to evolve, with many looking for innovative ways to attract new demographics and drive player engagement. Growing competition in an increasingly crowded industry is leading executives to explore every potential new source of casino revenue, and a lot of attention is being paid to skill-based and arcade-style games.

At ICE 2019, Synergy Blue, which has been creating skill-based games and platforms since 2013, released new research on the state of skill-based gaming. The report,

titled “The State of Skill-based Games in a New Era of Gambling,” explores the state of adoption and expectations for skill-based games in casinos, and also reveals some interesting data from the innovative early adopters.

The report discusses how future generations of gamers will increasingly be more tech-savvy and digitally native, discontented with games that require little more than pushing a button. According to the research, half (50 percent) of casino executives said that Gen Xers, who are more financially established, are their target growth demographic over the next five years. And they believe that skill-based and arcade-style games could help them attract those Gen Xers, who make up the early video gaming generations and are accustomed to more engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

The data from those who have already made the leap and adopted skill-based games, or games with skill/arcade components, does show some promise, with 81 percent agreeing that the games provide a different player experience and 38 percent saying they have added a unique marketing element for their property.

To download a copy of the report, visit SynergyBlue.US.

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