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Next Gaming

AGEM Member Profile

Next Gaming is creating skill-based games that can complement and perform well in either skill-based gaming environments or anywhere on the casino floor. With well-known brands from Taito, like Bust-A-Move and Arkanoid, Atari with Asteroids, Missile Command and Tempest, or proprietary game Z-Force, these arcade-style games appeal to a wide demographic from baby boomers to millennials.

Next Gaming differentiates its games by focusing on delivering thrilling entertainment value along with the necessary performance metrics that are required in a casino setting.

With the recent acquisition of Space Invaders from Taito and Centipede from Atari, Next Gaming will create two new immersive and entertaining skill-based slot experiences.

Next Gaming has focused on creating games that appeal to a wide demographic audience which resonate with all age levels and offers an immersive, challenging and entertaining experience which is completely different from a traditional slot machine. They also understand the needs of both the casinos and their customers and have not sacrificed either. Customers want to enjoy their playing experience and derive value from their gaming budget. Of course, this includes a chance to win, and casinos need to retain a level of performance that is reasonable. With Next Gaming, “Where Skill Meets Thrill” is the foundation upon which all of their games are built.