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AGEM Member Profile


AGEM Member Profile

TraffGen is the market leader in Macau player development and in-property marketing systems. The TraffGen system is 100 percent customizable to the needs of any casino. Casinos can differentiate and move forward without having to settle for the same aging tools used by their competitors.

TraffGen is a proven success in some of the largest and most profitable casinos in the world such as Wynn Macau, Wynn Palace, City of Dreams, Studio City, NagaWorld and Altira.

TraffGen has delivered a way for casinos to innovate at light speed, beyond the restrictions of their existing CMS or paging systems.

TraffGen delivers optimized promotions into the hands of hosts, speeds surveillance teams’ response times, and raises visitation rates and development of new segments like premium-mass for massive revenue growth. More than that, TraffGen is an innovation platform that delivers real-time marketing, security, technology and player development tools all from one flexible system.

In the U.S., TraffGen is bringing its player development tools to casinos that need to move fast to get ahead of competitors. Utilizing gaming-specific artificial intelligence, TraffGen transforms player development and marketing teams without time-consuming integrations or increases in headcount. In short, casinos become smarter and more responsive and increase revenue within weeks of deployment.

For more information, visit the TraffGen website at or email