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Advertising Amenities

Product/Manufacturer: Reel-TV

Advertising Amenities

Product/Manufacturer: Reel-TV

For companies that have longed to have a presence in casinos, Reel-TV may seem like a dream come true. The Las Vegas-based advertising company has recently released a server-based advertising platform that turns slot machines into billboards.

Reel-TV installs a video board in a slot machine, and then downloads video content to the machine from a video server. The database on the server and the video card display advertisements as frequently or infrequently as the casino operator chooses, and only display them when the slot machine has been idle for one minute. Players do not see ads while gambling.

The kinds of ads shown on Reel-TV platforms vary according to what the property’s owner chooses. Reel-TV shows full-length video ads that have been seen on television, and has been known to draw passersby to the machines in its time at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

“They will be attracted because of what’s happening on the screen and actually come over and watch the advertisement on the slot machine, and say, ‘Hey, look, a TV,’” says Reel-TV developer Keith Atkinson. “It will stop the traffic, and brings more people to the game. Of course, we can’t say that we can have them sit down and play it, but it gets them to the game and possibly to put in a $20 bill to play.”

Reel-TV works with advertisers and casinos to develop flashy video content, and Reel-TV shares revenues from the ad contracts with the casinos. The properties are also able to market their own amenities via Reel-TV, such as shows, restaurants and deals. Traffic passing by the slot machines is guaranteed to see the advertisements.

“It’s a win for the casino, because they get to promote their in-house capability,” Atkinson says. “Not only do they provide that; they also get the revenue share without any capital expense.”

Reel-TV is currently being installed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Atkinson is also in talks with a major Las Vegas-based gaming company to implement the advertising platform at properties along the Strip. Reel-TV is also working with Gaming Laboratories International to garner approval to enter additional gaming jurisdictions beyond Las Vegas.

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