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Advanced Trouble-Shooting

Product: RadBlue Analysis Suite (RAS)Company: Radical Blue Gaming (RadBlue)

Advanced Trouble-Shooting

You’ve just installed a G2S bank of machines on your game floor and there are a couple intermittent issues that you just can’t figure out. What do you do? With traditional technologies, the trouble-shooting process involves lots of time, phone calls and finger-pointing—neither efficient nor cost-effective.

For standardized G2S- and S2S-based technologies, independent technology provider Radical Blue Gaming (RadBlue) has developed a product that dramatically improves data collection, dissemination and analysis for trouble-shooting G2S and S2S issues. The RadBlue Analysis Suite (RAS) lets operators easily send trouble-shooting data from the slot floor (or lab) to product experts. Then, RAS helps those experts identify issues quickly.

RAS analyzes the messages that pass between two endpoints. Through message analysis, experts can see exactly what the issue is, where the issue is and from which endpoint it came. Instead of product experts spending days or weeks combing through data, they simply load the data into RAS and, within moments, have searchable information that they can use to quickly locate issues.

RAS uses messaging data collected from other RadBlue testing and troubles-shooting tools. For example, messages between a game and a host system can be routed through the RadBlue Protocol Analyzer. With the click of a button, all of the data about those messages can then be exported to a .zip file that can be sent anywhere in the world for analysis in RAS.

Once imported into RAS, data is sorted and analyzed, and then displayed in a usable way. To further analyze the data, the company offers the Advanced Transcript Analyzer, a tool that automatically validates all G2S messages sent during a session against a comprehensive set of G2S rules.

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