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Acres Manufacturing

Experience Casino Transformation with Acres

Acres Manufacturing

Since 1972, the Acres name has been synonymous with groundbreaking casino technology.

In 2021, Acres introduced Foundation as the basis of its casino transformation technology. Foundation reports any SAS meter change in real time, giving casinos access to more than 1,000 times more data than ever before.

With a focus on driving an easier and quicker implementation of cashless gaming, Acres launched Cashless Casino, enabling casino operators to deploy the industry’s best-of-breed cashless gaming and loyalty solution in less than 100 days. This sets the stage for a completely cashless gaming floor within a few years—eliminating cash handling expenses and driving a better player experience. Cashless Casino currently is installed on 30,000-plus machines in 11 states.

Recently Acres announced the next generation of casino management systems—Foundation HQ, a first-of-its-kind CMS that leverages Acres’ Foundation hardware. Foundation’s data collection capabilities are unmatched, allowing operators to record information on each game play, the start/end/pause time, total wager/win and more. The data also enables an adaptable credit meter where bonuses are triggered by any event, including real-time game results.

With Foundation HQ, casinos can massively scale new enrollments by modernizing the signup process associated with the outdated physical loyalty card. With every carded or uncarded play session rated, Foundation HQ makes the process so simple that players can register an account in 10 seconds from any location, including from the slot machine during play.

Another recent introduction from Acres is TIBO, the first advancement in TITO technology in nearly three decades. TIBO allows the same vanilla cash-out functionality of TITO with the added capability of delivering real-time ticket bonuses on command, whether automatically triggered by an underlying game event or initiated by the player via the casino’s cashless app.

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