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Acres-Fiore, Bally partner on content

Game content developer Acres-Fiore Inc. announced a strategic partnership with slot manufacturer Bally Technologies, under which Bally will make an equity investment of million in Acres-Fiore in exchange for exclusive use of Acres-Fiore game designs for a minimum of three years. During this period, Acres-Fiore will develop its concepts using Bally products, will test the designs on casino floors around the world, and will license resulting successful products back to Bally for production and sale in return for recurring

Over the past year, Acres-Fiore has written over 30 patent applications centered on a new technology called “Personalized Gaming,” which automatically adapts the behavior of gaming machines to the physiographic profile of each player.

“Players are individuals, and respond best to an individually customized gaming experience,” explained John Acres, CEO of Acres-Fiore. “No longer must players wander the casino in search of a suitable game. When a player sits down at a game built with Personalized Gaming technology, its characteristics automatically adapt to that specific player’s personality.

“Each game behaves differently for each player. Personalized Gaming technology revolutionizes the casino floor by delivering heightened emotional gratification to players while simultaneously increasing play volume and profits for casinos.”

According to Acres, the Personalized Gaming technology requires an advanced platform, and the company is using Bally’s Alpha platform combined with its “Networked Floor of the Future” server-based technology.

“As a creative designer, I’m impressed by the speed with which the Alpha platform can be programmed to deliver high-quality content to players,” said Richard Fiore, chief creative officer of Acres-Fiore. “This lets me immediately deliver great stand-alone games to the industry while also building the long-term foundation on which Personalized Gaming technology rests.”

Bally and Acres-Fiore expect to introduce the first games on this system, called “Paychaser” and “Members Bonus,” later this year in Southern California casinos.