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AC Coin Launches 'The QH'

AC Coin Launches 'The QH'

New Jersey-based slot supplier AC Coin & Slot has launched a new bonus slot called the “QH” (for “Quick Hit”). The game places a high-frequency bonus event on top of an IGT Double Sizzling 7s pay table in a five-reel, 25-line stepper format.         

The mechanical top-box bonus features the familiar bonus-game display originated in the game “Bankroll,” now part of what the slot-maker calls the “Big Roller” series.

As the name implies, the bonus events are remarkably frequent-every seven spins, on average, with maximum bet wagered, the player goes into the Quick Hit Bonus with two “QH” symbols scattered on the middle reels. The top box bonus amounts remain stationary, and all the amounts light up. They go out one by one, and the last award square illuminated goes to the player. The average bonus on this event is 149 credits.

Every 63 spins on average, a “Double Bonus” event is triggered with three scattered bonus symbols on the middle reels. The bonus display’s 16 award values scroll as the middle multiplier strip spins. When the strip stops, the award squares randomly go out. The last one to stay lit is the winning amount. Then, the multiplier squares flash until one is lit to combine with the amount for the multiplied bonus. The average bonus in this event is 1,553 credits.

“We built the QH on our proven Big Roller platform,” says Jason Seelig, AC coin’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “We expect it to follow in the very successful footsteps of ‘The Munny Returns,’ which we launched six months ago.”