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A New Way to Bonus

Product: Episodic Bonusing Manufacturer: Aristocrat Technologies

A New Way to Bonus

Oasis 360 Episodic Bonusing leverages the power of mobile technologies with a land-based casino experience that drives return visits and revenue while keeping player engagement active beyond the traditional walls of the casino.

Episodic Bonusing is a new way for casinos to engage with players and enhance guest experience while adding an incentive for return visits. The system leverages the fun of the familiar game “Chutes and Ladders” to create an interactive game where players can move closer to a prize goal with each visit to the casino.

Oasis 360 Episodic Bonusing is a system-wide bonus, meaning it can be utilized on any game from any manufacturer and is not dependent on specific games. It also allows players to compete with everyone on the floor, driving competition among players and driving incentive for return visits to stay ahead of the competition.

Episodic Bonusing was created to enhance the guest experience with several fun and interactive features including the ability to check the status of their journey progression on and off the casino floor. Players can interact with Episodic Bonusing across multiple channels using any device with a web connection, including mobile, tablet, PC and EGM. Players can check their progress, and can check the progress of other players participating in the bonus game. Players who see someone outpacing them on their way to the grand prize would be further incentivized to return to the casino soon to play again.

Because each casino is different and because each casino creates a unique experience for guests, Episodic Bonusing was designed with a flexible architecture that allows each individual casino to set its own triggers, as well as the ability to create higher-value awards for their patrons.

The end goal prize is determined by each individual property. It could be cash, comp, a car—anything the casino wants to promote during a specific 30-day bonus game time frame.

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