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A Month to Remember

Responsible gaming comes sharply into focus with special week-long topics in September

A Month to Remember

Each September, the gaming industry comes together to showcase and strengthen its commitment to responsible gaming. This year, the American Gaming Association is thrilled to evolve what has traditionally been Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGEW) into Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM). The expansion of RGEW to RGEM reflects our industry’s growing responsible gaming efforts as the industry itself grows.

To guide efforts, RGEM is organized into four themes reflecting the range of responsible gaming priorities:

September 1-10: Empowering Customers to Play Responsibly

Customers are at the heart of responsible gaming. This is especially true as gaming expands into new markets and verticals like sports betting. Join us in educating players to Have A Game Plan by focusing on how to keep gaming fun.

September 11-17: Legal, Regulated Gaming Protects Players

Casino gaming is one of the most regulated industries in the United States. And these regulations exist for one primary reason: to protect players so that gaming can be safe, fun and responsible. This includes responsible gaming protections and much more. Use this week to highlight the differences between the illegal and legal markets when it comes to consumer protections and responsibility investments.

September 18-24: Employees—the RG Front Line

Our employees are on the front lines, actively living out our commitment to responsible gaming and helping customers play responsibly. Every year, the industry invests time and money to equip our employees with the skills and resources essential to supporting our customers. This week will be dedicated to refreshing employee training and internal communications.

September 25-30: Advancing Responsible Gaming with Technology

Technology—like digital payments, website blockers, self-limit tools and more—has changed the face of responsible gaming. Use this week to highlight how technology is shifting your efforts.

From operators to suppliers and every stakeholder in between, we all have a role to play in promoting responsible gaming and building a sustainable industry. You can get it involved in RGEM this year by engaging customers on RG, elevating employee training, spreading the message on media and social channels, and engaging regulators and policymakers. For full RGEM resources and more ideas to celebrate this September, visit the AGA website at

We look forward to you joining us!

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