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A Born Natural

Paul Juliano, Vice President of Operations, Bally’s Corporation

A Born Natural

Paul Juliano’s career may have begun with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts at five-star, five-diamond rated resorts in Jackson Hole, Palm Beach and Bora Bora, but his exposure to the hospitality industry traces way back, literally back to his birth in Atlantic City into a gaming and hospitality family.

Both of his parents work in the gaming and hospitality industry to this day. “I learned at a young age that I enjoyed the special, shared experiences that occur in hotels and casinos. By watching my mother, father, aunts, uncles, brothers and sister in the hospitality industry, I also learned that curating memorable experiences for guests you have not met takes focus, determination, and sacrifice.”

Juliano acknowledges that the hospitality industry is not for everyone. It is grueling and competitive, 24/7/365. He blames his competitive nature on his background in athletics, where he lettered in three high school sports and earned a football state championship title. In college, he was an All-Colonial Athletic Association outfielder and team captain for the NCAA Division 1 William & Mary Tribe baseball team.

“Holding leadership positions in competitive sports taught me how to manage complex human relationships, take care of my mind and body, think critically in high-pressure situations, and find ways to win,” says Juliano.

Today, Juliano is responsible for the oversight of corporate capital projects, hotel operations, and food and beverage for Bally’s Corporation, formerly Twin River Worldwide Holdings, Inc.

“Our company is in a rapid growth pattern, and every day is exciting,” he says. “I am constantly presented with new challenges that come with tight deadlines. I am applying lessons imparted by my mother and father, my background in athletics, and my professional experience within the hospitality industry. I am truly fortunate to work with exceptional people on our corporate and property teams, and I am inspired by those who continuously offer innovation in the industry.”

Being a part of the gaming industry has strengthened his appreciation for the universal language of hospitality that exists in one of the most diverse workforces in the world.

“I continue to be motivated by the thought of providing a special experience to a friend, guest, or employee in any form—from the best cup of coffee to the most memorable hotel stay, to a first-class casino experience,” he says.

Juliano acknowledges all the great mentors who have inspired his quest for knowledge and continuous improvement. He also delivers a sincere thank-you to all the front-line employees who continue to provide world-class service through the pandemic.

“When my morning alarm goes off, I thank God that I have the opportunity to give 100 percent of myself to the day ahead as a father, husband, student and leader—then it’s easy to get to work.”

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