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4 Chinese Beasts

Aruze Gaming

4 Chinese Beasts

This is one of the first games in Aruze’s new “Innovator With Radiant Reels” series of stepper games. The new technology features oversized reels—at 18.1 inches across, with each reel strip measuring 3.54 inches, they are the largest strips for a five-reel format in the business—along with supporting effects such as multi-colored LED back lighting and a variable reel speed.

The base game for 4 Chinese Beasts is a five-reel, 50-line stepper. The variable reel speeds are used to build anticipation for results in the primary game. The game incorporates a four-level progressive—a “Mini” resetting at $15; a “Minor” resetting at $30; a “Major” starting at $150; and a “Grand” resetting at $500—along with a an animated bonus wheel in the top-box LCD.

When three or more bonus symbols appear, the “4 Beasts Bonus” is triggered, and the player spins a wheel in the top box containing five bonus games on the slices. Four of them are free-spin events, each related to one of the “beasts:”  the Vermillion Bird, the  Black Tortoise, the White Tiger and the Azure Dragon. The fifth slice on the wheel triggers a progressive bonus feature consisting of a combination of free games, multipliers, wild reels and the multi-level progressive jackpot. When the wheel stops, the player is awarded the indicated bonus feature.

The mythological creatures, popular in Chinese folklore, provide the backdrop for a volatile game that includes a jump in the payback percentage for max-coin—along with a faster spin of the reels, which spin as fast as 200 RPM.

Manufacturer: Aruze Gaming
Platform: Innovator With Radiant Reels
Format: Five-reel, 50-line stepper
Denomination: .01
Max Bet: 300
Top Award: Progressive; $500 reset
Hit Frequency: Approximately 50%
Theoretical Hold: 5%—9%