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3 Card Catch


3 Card Catch

AGS has launched a new table game similar to Three Card Poker, but with a twist that gives players an extra chance at a payoff.

Players are dealt three cards, then compete with the dealer heads-up to make the best three-card poker hand. With a natural pair of 8s or better—called Natural Pair Plus—all wagers are resolved. If the dealer’s hand doesn’t achieve 8s or better, a fourth card is dealt to all players who have not achieved the Natural Pair Plus, and players have the opportunity to “catch” a card that improves their hand.

Players whose hand is better than the dealer’s are paid 2-to-1 for 8s or better, 4-to-1 for a flush, 6-to-1 for a straight, 30-to-1 for three of a kind, 40-to-1 for a straight flush, and 100-to-1 for a royal flush.

There also is an “X-tra Bonus” side bet that gives winning players a bonus payment of even money for any natural hand or “caught” flush, 2-to-1 for a caught straight, 10-to-1 for a caught three of a kind, 20-to-1 for a caught straight flush or 50-to-1 for a caught royal flush.

AGS’ award-winning STAX progressive platform adds a five-level “must-hit-by” progressive side bet that offers players the chance to win quick-hitting progressive prizes for both natural and catch hands.

Manufacturer: AGS
Format: Live table game
Max Bet: Set by casino
Denomination: Set by casino
Top Award: Progressive; customizable reset
Theoretical Hold:

Base Game:

Pay Table 1 – 2.99%
Pay Table 2 – 2.37%

Natural Pair Plus:

Pay Table 1 – 7.75%
Pay Table 2 – 5.94%
Pay Table 3 – 7.20%
Pay Table 4 – 9.19%

STAX Progressive: Pay Table 1 – 16.45%

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